Monday, March 28, 2005

a very important ywam event commences. the whole base was fasting the whole day today. during meal times, we gathered to do devotionals and pray together....on top of our scheduled intercessions.

so for the first time all the staff and students came for 'breakfast'.

now, you can see i had a major revamp on my blog. do you like it better? i do. also, i finally switched to godzilla firefox. had it all nicely customized and color coordinated with my blog. feel really good.

i am trying to put all my ex dtschool mates blogs on my links but alas, it seems like i can link any xangas on my blog. are xangas and google rivalling kingdoms? well, guess what, i m too tired (as of now to find out how to fix it). my goal is to get all the xanga links on my site. maybe after outreach.

speaking of which the exciting adventure is exactly 2 weeks from today. we still havent finalized the cities we are going. tonight we had a major intercession to get our visas and to hear from Him where He wants us to go. other than that, we had our first team meeting. outreach work duties were handed out last week and the persons that are handling intercession were already leading it tonight. packing list was distributed.

we are just busy...getting ready.

caryl cut her hair over the weekend. she couldnt decide if she likes it. i couldnt decide if i even consider her caryl anymore. she looks more like a susan or something. hmm... i was never that undecisive about a person like this ever. so weird.

tina (my beloved kitchen goddess) has been missing in action. she is still down with illness. i was really depressed when she moved out of the Lighthouse. her commitment is almost over. she will be leaving a day after dts leaves on outreach and i never know when or if i will see her again. tamsin, who just known her since december said, she is going to bawl her eyes out!!! will i? probably not... but i will miss her. there's no one like tina. there's no functional substitute for tina.

ok folks. i m spacing out. i think sleep sounds good. weally weally weally good.

peace out!


Anonymous said...

Ermm... it's mozilla not godzilla but they should consider changing it if firefox beats the crap out of IE. Good to hear that you're excited about outreach.
Also, that's one of the things about YWAM, people come and people go and you're never quite sure you'll ever see them again this side of eternity. But enjoy them while you can - God gives us things and people for a season.

Anonymous said...