Friday, November 07, 2008

i voted for satan

[Disclaimer : I did not write this entry (nor the title)but my friend William did. I would say we have very similar thoughts about the outcome of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. And my special friend William Keomany puts the thoughts in words better than I could have. He gave me the permission to post this on my blog. So, ladies and gentlemen, here goes...]

Personally i don't think it matters whether McCain or Obama or even a resurrected Abraham Lincoln is president. Those men of high positions can only do so much locally and in individual hearts of people. The true action comes from believers that walk with Christ. We are the ones that go out there and talk to people that are getting abortions, or are living in sinful lifestyles. those that are living blindly. we introduce the true change in their hearts, only then can we expect them to see the light and vote according to how things God would want.

Yes, a lot of people didn't get their candidate in. they can bitch and moan for four years. but that doesn't change anything. that is a defeated attitude. But we still have the true power in going out in our communities, into the world and showing proof. A person who goes out and holds babies and infants speaks more volume than any person who merely votes for pro life issues. we use convincing rhetoric on why abortion is wrong to people that are blind in the first place. but how can they deny us when we hold babies, and show them the true precious life? What i'm saying is what you have been doing, you've been speaking louder with action than words.

I feel politics are a very carnal war. we as christians fall into those games too by not knowing our facts, and give opponents or swing voters wrong facts. thus making ourselves liars. we picket, we get angry, and throw chairs and write angry statuses on facebook. we write stupid things like we're going to leave our country.. if those are not carnal attitudes then i don't know what is.

How can we say these things represent God then? These things cause our political opponents and even undecided people to put up walls. Christ used actions and the right strategy to break down walls in people he talked to. He brought truth to the light. Perhaps we are to present truth in love, bridge a gap and not dub people with different perspectives idiots even if they don't agree. They may not change their minds right away, but they will know you have good reasons to believe what you believe.

Understanding. Compassion.

Liberals are not idiots.
Republicans are not closedminded.

We with the light are real change.