Sunday, March 13, 2005

this is my third attempt since the last time i blog.

tomoro morning, i will go into immigration with tamsin to get our hk id card. i begin to feel like a real hong kong resident.

about kristy...remember when i said i wondered what would be her live paralyzed or to go home. she is all conscious now and can communicate. she told us, a few minutes after the accident, the lord visited her and asked her of her choice, she chose to live on knowing that she will be paralyzed. so she is..and she is in good spirit. the first few things she communicated after she regain her consciousness were to thank the police and the ambulance driver that took good care of her. she is totally kristy. i m so proud of her.

my life hasnt been moving since the last blog. laptop is still down. still havent called tayo. but i m resolving to email my newsletter tonight. that's why i m staying here at the staff lounge at 10pm. the internet was down earlier this evening. i went into yuen long (nearest town) to check out the location of the immigration office. i got a bottle of revlon green tea body shampoo for hk$5 (rm 2.5, usd 0.60) and thought it would be great for outreach...(i got the same one for FEET), and i left it on the bus...bummer..

speaking of which...dts will be on outreach a month from today. in fact they are going on an outreach this wednesday at kowloon park at tsim sha tsui...doing exactly what christmas outreach people did..oh well, what FEET people did. dances, drama, testimonies, preaching...street style. fun, eh?

i realised a lot of students on dts have been receiving death news from home. at least 3 in the last week. but they are all coping well...cause all their relatives that died are born again.

i m only getting busier. staff development last week had resulted in me getting involved in writing base job description and it is scheduled to be completed progressively in 30 days. well minus two days because i m going on outreach before 30 days expires.

which is cool...i think by nature, i m a workaholic. i comfortabilize stress very well. i wrote my thesis in a month binging on MASH, while having a part time job, and packing to leave nebraska.

and i watched 8 episodes of MASH yesterday.

i called it a cool weekend.

love joy and peace


Anonymous said...

hey girl take care of your self!!!
have fun with your outreach.
which drama/dance are you going to do?

KK said...

How come u need a Hong Kong ID? Is it like a Malaysian IC? Anyway, just dropped by to say hi. take care....