Wednesday, March 23, 2005

i broke a promise. i guess it is ok because i made it to myself. i didnt go to yuen long. i decided to go tomorrow afternoon when the money changer is still opened. but alas. i used up all my change for the mini bus. what was i thinking???

i just want to say something about william. after i had my laptop fixed, i had a big reunion with william. it was like old times again. we get on msn almost everyday and i enjoyed it. coincidentally, william happens to be the name of my laptop.


Anonymous said...

My computer at home is named william jr. cause its a damn good name. In fact, i was thinking of naming my actually first born son william.(and the fact that i can't think of any good names.) if it's a girl my wife can name the child. though i would suggest penelope.

once there was this girl in my elementry school named william.

- William... a damn good name.

angeline's got good names to name things.

Anonymous said...

*ack* you *gag* named *cough*cough* your *ack* laptop?!?!?

give it a chinese name I say!

one that has a 'kheng' in it? ehehe or at least has one word beginning with 'k'