Sunday, March 20, 2005


i was not allowed to go out this weekend. first nancy grounded caryl from going to church. yeah, caryl was suffering last week from back pain, sinus, sore throat, and migraine and because so much were happening on dts, we couldnt rest. i have been exhausted since the trip to cultural village. i was so zombified last week. and so, caryl grounded me as well....from all activities.

so what did i do yesterday? i called tayo finally.

i stayed home and organize my room. i feel more godly. isnt that something...i had tryfina over and she trimmed my brows. i m really tempted to go to yuen long. but i think i better not risk it. today i cleaned the bathroom.

itz only 3 weeks before OR. we havent figured out the locations yet. i m secretly wishing we will go up far far north. tomorrow night we will announce the team situation. the students will be delighted to find out all 14 of them will stay together. this is not a normal situation but cause only 2 staff member are going on OR, there's no way to separate a team. so, itz going to be just caryl and me and all 14 of them. wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

wow go girl
only 3 weeks left
and then you and caryl