Wednesday, March 23, 2005


i think i caught a sleeping bug. today is a day when caffeine actually doesnt have any effect on me.

besides that, i have prime time catching up what i missed over the last two months on my ex dschoolmates xangas. itz a pity that i cant leave comments because i am not registered with xanga.

my ankle is getting better now. i got down from my bunk monday morning, all excited that my curfew is over, only to land on my bumm and i whacked my ankle. i promised myself today that i will go to yuen long. first to exchange my usdollars and get whatever cash i need for outreach. and i have all the money i needed for outreach!! praise god for provision.

the students are outraged to find out we have been fooling them about having separate teams. monday night intercession time, all the dts staff were present. after hearing all their funny theories on how the school is divided, caryl had the students individually came up to her so that she can whisper the team number. and when she got everyone, she counted one to three to get on their team and all of them ended on the same line. it was a funny sight.

we are still waiting on where to go.

and intercession is scheduled now. we will see if we get anything new.

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