Monday, January 31, 2005

Happy Birthday Molly

i actually lost count on your age already. hope you dont mind...

this is how time feels in hong kong. i have been here for only a little more than a year but it feels like 3 years has gone by. my dts was just three programs ago, but it felt so obsolete. i got over missing my DTS during the last christmas outreach. only then i realised how much i love and miss my FEET days. i still do but actually half of my outreach team is still in hong kong.

I have got to tell you about tryfina. her parents run an orphanage up on the himalayan foothills where my FEET team got to stay and work with last september. she is now in hong kong doing her dts. she has the amazing talent of shaping eyebrows like i have never seen before. she did it with a strand of thread. i cant even describe with words. i will not even try. but just to let you know she is pretty neat. my brows never look so great. she is hired for life.

ken bluemel, our speaker for p.s.l.d.r. didnt arrive today. it was a miscommunication. but he will be here tomorrow. and nick, he is one of your distant relatives. his daughter and son in law are ywam chico directors.

so today was unexpectedly relaxing. we had intercession and bible study during the scheduled lecture time and had the rest of the day off.

for some funny reasons, godwin came to my mind this evening and about an hour later, he called. for those who never heard of him before, godwin used to be a staff here and now he is doing school of biblical studies in ywam singapore.

and another pleasant surprise was from william, who did dts with me and was just here in hong kong for a short mission (to visit me, most importantly). he arrived safely in california and is now on msn chatting with me. i really miss him and hope to see him again soon.

my day starts early tomorrow. first i need to wash my very expired hair and then i have to be in jericho (the room we meet for worship and lecture) 45 mins before worship. that is a bit stretchy. but then, i get to do this with my favorite people. so, really...i dont mind :-)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Getting Started

home is the place to start, i guess...
5 of us, rachel, anna jane, anna kristine, nicky, and myself are the residents of this renown girl staff apartment affectionately known as the LIGHTHOUSE. we are in full occupancy since rachel and i joined staff early last december. nicky just got in a couple days ago. she was my dts and FEET roomie and now we are still rooming together making us the longest running roomates in the entire ywam hong kong history not counting those who are married.

i m so in love with dts. week 3 is commencing with the focus on personal strongholds and laying down rights. i m looking backwards to my own p.s.l.d.r. week on my own dts last year. in a way, i m nervous remembering how emotionally exhausting it was for me as he revealed who i m and the reasons i did everything i did. it was the most significant week for me as though the whole reason i did dts was for that.

leadership is completely new for me but i embraced uncomfortability. and for one particular reason i prefer to stay in uncomfortability is that it provides a certain level of vulnerability that drives me to humility and dependency on his spirit.

even though i love hearing myself on the piano, it has become the less favorite ministry because i auto-piloted so much for the past 15 years.

changes are not only possible. they are delightful.


i thought about doing this whever i sent group emails. and i always knew this is a good idea. but guess what, i never listened to myself....until now.

tonight, i have an invitation to join friendster. i think that catalyzed the whole respond.... i want my friends to know what and how i m doing. besides, i need to process the things that are happening in my life because it has been pretty exciting. so i m finally convinced to blog.

to whoever that is reading me, i appreciate your care. i will try to entertain you with my honesty and i hope you will be blessed.