Saturday, March 26, 2005

happy almost easter

so i had a great day.

for the first time i made penne with pesto sauce and served nicky and young hae, a dts student from ywam kona, who is passing through the base to go to cxxxx for their outreach.

had the most unusual quiet time. i didnt actually prayed or read and without really trying to listen, He spoke really clear about many things (for one afternoon). i dashed off to kwai fong (i was trying to decide whether to go to sha tin or kwai fong but i believed i should go to kwai fong). i found sandals and slippers i needed for outreach. He took me out for shopping. everything i bought with the price i wanted to pay. it was so fun to spent time with Him like this.

here's a little side story while i was in metroplaza, kwai fong. i saw him. i bet he is some kinda of a celebrity or something because i saw quite a few body guards and some school girls asking him for his autograph. he looked at me and while i showed him a face saying 'sorry, you might be famous but i really dont know you'. he walked away, and i walked away thinking bummer only if i were 10 years younger... i was proficient with all hong kong entertainment hotties. now i m such a nerd. then i took a glance at the banner on the stage (the same stage judy and anna did their dances and drama during christmas outreach recently). i saw his name. and hey, i knew who he is. eric yu. he is the guy that acted in infernal affairs 2. he was tony's character when tony's character was younger. i actually like him a lot!!!! i really like him!!!! now this is special.

i gotta tell rachel. flashback...after christmas outreach ended, the base was closed for about a week. rachel, tina, godwin, me, and tamara watched infernal affair 1, 2, and 3. those nights were really unforgettable. we would watch for 2 minutes, paused, and discussed what happened....none of us were great cantonese listeners. by the time we watched IA 3, we were all confused beyond repair.

back to my day. i accomplished what He told me to do today. i think this is one of the happiest and memorable day in 2005 (even without seeing eric).

it has been an incredible week. dts had joe (our base director) spoke on missions. while a lot of us disagreed with some of the opinions he presented, i have never been so insightful about the drive behind whatever he said. i am actually with him, understanding where he came from. we had something in common this week. joe too, has the pain (that never went away) in his heart for the people, who never had a chance to hear about jesus, had never known that they do not have to be fearful of the evil spirits, had never known there is hope and healing, when their loved ones were sick and dying, but most importantly, his heart for his master, his God. He missed out having a relationship with them, despite loving them and longing for them so much.

so much of debate on whether He is going to send the people who never heard to hell or not. even at this time, they were scrutinizing His justice but failed to see that He came for a relationship. i m sad to say most students heard and thought they had it... but they didnt. they received information, but they failed to receive revelation.

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