Thursday, June 04, 2020


I posted some brilliant afterthoughts of my dear friend, William Keomany, about the outcome of AmericaDecides 2008 and that has aged really well, in my opinion. here we are again, now 12 years later, in 2020, a year full of unprecedented events (understatement!), he poured out these words in response to the movement of the day, #BLM. only this time, i have not yet decided whether i could agree with everything (i have gotten a lot more complicated, over the years). but i certainly appreciate his thoughtfulness and care, even if i decided to disagree later, i still stand in support and respect on what he believes in. oh, by the way, i do strongly believe both sides of the political aisles need to quit unleashing savageries at each other and for once, push towards greater good for, well.... more than just BLM. He gave me the permission to post this on my blog this morning.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here goes....

For far too long, I have sought to find a middle ground in every situation. As a stereotyped model minority, much to the same privilege as my white friends, I have allowed myself to believe the justification of the murder of Blacks, often through neutrality. After much prayer and research, I truly believe Jesus himself would support #Blacklivesmatter, not just through media, but through protest and suffering. It is no longer about left vs right and Democrat vs Republican, but rather right vs wrong, good vs evil, and a system of oppression vs the oppressed. Any thoughts and entertainment of conspiracies and nitpicking to discredit the voice of my fellow blacks is in the same spirit and attitude that fought against Civil rights over 40 years ago and is in alignment with the father of confusion and darkness. Rather than stay safe, may we seek to do what is right.
P.S. I am so proud of soo many of you. Rather than dividing ourselves, I see people from both sides of a political spectrum taking off the blinders and pushing towards the greater good.