Thursday, March 30, 2006

Where I am

This is only the 6th entry of the month. Sad to say, the record is embarrassing. So finally tonight I decided to give a more down to earth update about where I am.

I am still on the planet. I realize I havent been vocal about the DTS this year. Not that I am not enthusiastic about it or anything. I like it lots, as excited if not more than I did last year. This is the end of lecture phase. I find it hard to believe we are leaving for outreach in 12 last outreach before I become Mrs Kah Kheng Khoo....which means I need to start thinking about my expectations for this very special 2 months, eh?

I am at least half-packed for outreach. The more challenging task is to get Fabys place more immaculate than when I moved in. I am not a very fast cleaner. Let me correct that, I am not a cleaner. And I was warned of hurricane Faby, which is scheduled to hit should I fail to clean up my mess before outreach. Very sad. So this weekend, I am having sweet Fifi over to assist me.

And oh, I am moving back to the Lighthouse it seems. Nancy said so at least. And, I get to be the Dining Service Director again in the summer. The additional challenge is to produce a disciple out of this to take over me after I am gone.

This week, I managed to watch the whole season 1 of Mash by myself. Cant think of any more highlights. I want a nap.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

My past life

In two weeks I will be moving out from Fabys. The apartment looks like it just got hit by a tornado. So, I have been organizing my properties (again) and I saw my one here knows how much trouble I went through to get this.

Anyway, the thesis is titled Analytical Method Development for the Cleaning Effectivenes of Residual Peanut Protein on Stainless Steel in Particular Ara h1. The abstract reads.... (if you dont plan to fall asleep, skip the next paragraph)

The peanut allergen, Ara h1, can potentially become part of a different food system due to cross contamination from processing with campaigned equipments. To prevent cross-contamination, studies must be completed that demonstrate the effectiveness of standardized cleaning procedures for removing the allergen from product contact surfaces. In the pharmaceutical industry, cleaning validation consists of surface residual sampling, recovery and detection of the recovered material. Based upon this model, a sampling method that recovers Ara h1 from a stainless steel surface; and an assay that is capable of selectively detecting and semi-quantifying the recovered Ara h1 allergen were developed. These analytical techniques were able to recover up to 78-99% of peanut proteins and to detect the recovered Ara h1 protein at levels of 80-122 nanograms.

I took about a year to develop my sampling and recovery procedures, smooth and steady. The detection and quantification was a bizarre story. Spring 2003, I decided to graduate by hook or by crook so that I could come to HK for DTS. I implemented my detection scheme and ran experiments after experiments that entire summer with no substantial result. My research director never saw a protein behaving like that on the detection instrument. My other research committee member were basically speechless. YWAM HK called and asked if I was still interested in their Performing Arts DTS. I was never interested in Performing Arts and I wasnt able to leave my project anyway. Later they cancelled the school because almost no one wanted to go (afraid of SARS). So I applied for January school instead.

October came, we decided to collect enough data for our bizzarre findings and moved on to a new alternate scheme, not as glamorous, but with other advantages. Besides, I could actually run the method in my sleep because I did it so much before I came on to the grad school and the only thing practical to do so that I could graduate by December. Things seemed to go well until one day in the middle of November I had reasons to suspect my water system was contaminated. If that were true, the bottomline was, I had no results. Water purity was critical for my aim to establish nanogramic detection limit for contaminants. Imagine my fright!

However, in two weeks we found out the water was fine. Something else was interfering with my controls and we got it fixed. By then, it wasnt realistic anymore to graduate in December, I had to apply for May graduation. So, after editing my thesis for about 10 times, I was scheduled to deliver an oral defense. Much to my chagrin, just when everything was set, I received a notice from YWAM HK that they were moving the DTS a week earlier than it was scheduled.(STUPID YWAM HK!!!) So I had to cut down on my breathing and rescheduled my final oral exam two days before I left NE. I didnt have enough time to do much in one and a quarter day...I didnt have much time to think I was leaving NE for good. I thought perhaps one day, when I am not busy anymore, I will come back to NE and say goodbye properly. More than 2 years had gone by and I havent done that.

Anyway, the point of my post is actually that being a missionary is much more fun than being a scientist.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

An obnoxious question

I wanted to blog this the other day but I didnt because my keyboard sensors are losing it. Sometimes letter like h would not come out. Very annoying. As much as I love my faithful Inspiron 8000, I am preparing for its funeral.

Anyway, about that obnoxious question that I was pondering a little while ago......before I am aware of the human function called sex, the only reason I could think of why people regard the pubic area as dirty (after Deans teaching, I know sex is not dirty anymore) is because that is the area we associate pee and poo with. So, why did God in His intelligence created sexual organs in proximity with our poo and pee organs and for guys, the same organ?!?!?!?!

After lunch on Monday, I posed the question to some intelligent people like Fifi, Catherine and Anna. Fifi of course just busted out laughing. Both Anna and Catherine, to my amazement came up with a similar answer - convenience!! Anna said there is an incentive to keep that area clean. Catherine said, when we wear underwear, it automatically protect all of them together. And, that is smart!

Why didnt I think of that before??

Anyway, I found the answers satisfying. So I closed the case in peace.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Long Pajama Day

This is Happy Saturday. The only day in the week that I get to sleep in. The more I sleep, the sleepier I get.

I know I need to get more creative. I want to. I really do. I can make a long list of what I should be doing instead of sleeping but I dont think I can give up sleep yet.

And I am even blogging in my sleep. If I have to mention the word blog in my blog, thats when I know my creativity is not awake.


Saturday, March 11, 2006


I almost gave up writing blogs. I am too lazy to do anything. I am not excited with life. I dont like watching tv. I dont feel like shopping for anything. I dont feel like listening to any chinese songs or reading anything thought-provoking. I am just not up to anything. I kinda like my life like this, uncomplicated and boring.

Maybe I am just pmsing.

Wanna be my friend and hang out?

Speaking of friends, I have a series of 'Trinity's ever since I remember having friends. I think triads are great. Whenever two argues, we have a tie breaker and one gets to pick a side. I don't have any pictures of my 'trinity' further back than Lincoln NE...but here are the rest...

That's the most prominent 'trinity' during the days of Lincoln Revival Team. Me(Hua Jin), Cherh Kuan, and Hui Wan, whom we dearingly called Ah Hui. In that relationship, I was definitely the cockiest of them all...but they loved me well.

There's my other social circle that ran parallel with my CK and Ah Hui circle. We were pretty exclusive as in having special meetings to talk about nothing. I liked Neek and 'disliked' Budi. In that relationship, I was known as the Cat. Usually Neek wouldn't call me was just Budi.

This happened after the other two circles left lincoln. I knew both Erin (the blonde one)and Jessica before the millenium but 'suddenly' got close in 2003, right before I came to Hong Kong. They are both in Omaha then and now. I needed to drive to Omaha to meet up with them. Jessica still send cards to me occassionally...and Erin wants to be a Missionary.

And here in Hong Kong, I continue my tradition to trinitize my relationship. This is the most updated one. On my left, Caryl, the Grand Pooba, and on my right is Grandma Keith from Hoserland. If my wedding is just about myself, I would have Caryl be my flowergirl and Grandma the ring bearer...but unfortunately, it is not!!!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Reality of My Heart

There's this beautiful thing called love. One of the things mentioned about it is that, it covers a multitude of sins.

My heart is hurting like crazy, yet I find a simple reason to rejoice-a revelation that I am actually more intensely in love with KK than I think I do. I love him jealously and passionately with my heart, not just my head.

Only by continuing to choose love, healing will come to a completion.

I felt like I've grown up so much. And the exciting thing is that I am willing.