Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Visa Blues

if i were a bunny, both my ears will be drooping down covering my eyes.

we were in town submitting our visa applications for outreach. our request was denied. we needed a longer staying permit. now, halfway through our outreach, we will have to get an extension for our visas, which will cost us.

caryl and i went shopping afterwards to take our minds off the unfortunate situation. i bought myself one of the ugliest looking pants for 29hkd. it cant decide if it is red or orange. very strange. i can bring it on outreach and let it be destroyed, OR try tie bleach and paint some art on it to remember this day.

then i realized i will be seeing my "Amsterdam" within the next 24 hrs. i guess i should conclude that my day is redeemed. she is bringing me of which is her lovely self.

seen my links?? they are ALL functioning now. didnt take me too long to work that out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man, those sound like the best pants EVER!!! EVER!!! what a bargain and what a color. girls that wear bold colors say they are not prudes!!!