Saturday, March 05, 2005

i never get to call tayo. i was way too busy and the week went by just too fast for me to catch a breath.

i couldnt find the reserve battery for my laptop motherboard. i have to call dell like yesterday but i was in china all my waking moments.

i m supposed to organize my financial report and write a newsletter. i have been saying that the whole month, and it never happened.

my hong kong employment visa was activated last night. i m getting a hong kong id soon.

altogether i have knitted 10 scarves this winter. i have more yarn ( i got some because they are sooooo cheap now).

dts had their DiSC profile (personality) assessed last week. fun for them. ive done it twice last year. next week the speaker is going to do staff development with the staff. looking forward to a really busy week.

kristy is doing better...all conscious, not able to move feet but one toe can feel. as william said to liz(kristy best buddy from dts) "now let's pray till our guts fall out for kristy!!!!"

peace love and joy

ps: neek, could you compile some prayer points for malaysia. i m going to read that out during our malaysian culture night. thanks. ideas for dinner menu also welcomed. ketos (thanks in finnish).

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Anonymous said...

can do the the prayer points - when do you need them by? ermm menu? chicken curry and nasi kunyit? or nasi lemak? satay is always nice but hard to make but i'm sure your chicken curry will be a big hit