Tuesday, March 01, 2005


kristy is definitely going to live.

we had intercession last night for a few miracles, including kristy's.

this morning we received an update from canada. apparently kristy is conscious. she made it through the surgery. she could speak with her eyes, nod and shake her head. she even moved her arms, despite the doctors prediction that she would be paralyzed. her conditions will be reassess in the next few hours. hope is so amazing. we are believing for a complete recovery for kristy.

we (dts) are going to shenzhen's cultural village on friday. the americans on the school had some problems getting the chinese visa yesterday. this has always been a recurring problem with dts. so last night we had our knocked down dragged out intercession time. today we resent the visa application and they all went! glory to god.

last week, the dts were inteceeding for everyone that is still short of outreach money. since then, i have received money from anonymous people on the base. this is really encouraging.

intercession is always been the turning point.

it is great to serve the god who is above all things.


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Anonymous said...

It's great to hear about Kristy. Seeing God work is always amazing and really builds faith. I think that's one of the things that always has me believing and hoping in God - the knowing that He's come through so many times for me and others too. Sometimes, when you're so dependant on God, everything really is a lot easier. :D I look back on the times God really was everything and I know I worried less. Thanks for the Glory moments - they're definitely an encouragement!