Saturday, November 26, 2005

My 100th Post !!!!

My beginning and my end are in your hands.
There's nothing in between that I can hide from your eyes.
I will never be forgotten.

My name is permanently written in your book, where it records the memories of a Sacred Romance. This romance has no end.

This is the reality that surpasses all the tangible materials on earth.
It is The Reality I live for.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, and whosoever believes in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Therefore, it is not okay for a single soul to perish thinking he's never been loved and has no value.

It is not okay that he died without knowing the King of universe had laid down his life just for him.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Furlough 3


It's day 3 today in the Land of Mansions. Seriously I have never seen so many designer big houses anywhere in the world like I saw in Sibu. People here seems to have a competition who builds the biggest. So, this is what they toiled their life for. Angeline zzzzzzzzzzz.

The world outside YWAM is pretty strange.

I wish I packed that green couch from the Lighthouse...oh and that gross coffee I got at Wellcome.

Long sigh.

I have started to sneeze funny. My eyes and nose itch constantly. I complained that I am allergic to Malaysia...and someone ( I dare not mention) thought I was being funny. :-)

Things have changed. I have changed. I wished that I have never left town so that coming home doesnt feel so complex.

Long long sigh.

For the one asking about food....
I almost forgot this wonderful snack called 'rojak'. The closest comparison you can get is a salad except the dressing is black. Food here is great and is for people like my dad (food critic). I already feel stressed at the thought of bringing him out to eat in Hong Kong one day.

I have not been excited about eating this time. I was expecting durians to await me but they are not in sesaon. That pretty much kills half of my excitement. The other half was destroyed by my fear of growing into a mansion!!


Monday, November 14, 2005

Home at last

My dad struck a very interesting conversation to break the ice. He asked me if the fruits in Hong Kong are expensive. I mentioned proudly yeah! 4 Fuji apples only cost around 5R (10 HKD). Then he said, no! That's too expensive and asked me how big are those apples and so on. Darn it, I thought, should have bragged about the persimmons.

'My' dog didnt bark at me when I got in. We had him for 10 years already but to me he's always a puppy. And by the way, I dont normally build relationships with dogs.

This is the first time I laid my eyes on the newly renovated furnitures, old furnitures..they look odd together but I am happy that mom didnt get rid of them because it wouldnt feel like home if everything was new.

I took a look at my brother's bridal suite. My holy goodness! It is as big as Anna's apartment. Sad that my brother hasnt decide on the bride. Today it is still unoccupied. I wouldnt mind sleeping there but I took the room with the computer....

And somehow the computer is possessed.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Furlough 2

Being alone sucks.

Angeline has more than enough of solitariness.

She has to cook and force people to come and eat with her at the Lighthouse.

Lighthouse needs some noise.

Angeline wants all her roommates back!!!!!!!!!!

Nicky, Rachel, Scala and Jeremy....

She and a dozen of toilet paper rolls awaits their arrival.

3 more days.

Just 3 more days....

She has to wait.

Monday, November 07, 2005

To Roseanne Washington

She is a famous artist.

She did dts with me and I slept on her bunk with her once in Baise!!! She never knew why I did that. Not only I am selectively affectionate, I can be very random.

So Rose, I heard my blogspot is now your home page. Wonderful.

This is an instruction for you to leave comments. Click comment at the bottom of the entry, a window will pop up. Then leave comment and check 'other', leave your nickname or real name. Publish.

Unlike Xangas, you can leave comment on my blog without having to sign up for one. So, we the blogspotters are much cooler. gotta read this one, you are on it.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Chee Chien

I've just talked to him an hour ago. I told him I will write an entry on my blog about him.

He is a friend I have known for almost 10 years which during that whole time, apart from the first 4 months, in long distance.

One amazing thing about him is that, he never forgets a single friend. We were housemates along with 8 other people at the House of 80,in Subang Jaya, the place I studied for 4 months before I went to Lincoln NE. Until today, he can still tell me what is happening with Badak, Kham Bey, Aunty Suzy, Chee Sin, etc.

I remember those 4 months in Subang Jaya was the worst time of my life ever. I hated my classes, I hated how tiny my room was, I hated the food there, I hated how expensive everything was, I hated the air I breathed, I hated the cruel weather but I loved my housemates. If not because of them, hell would be a better option.

I had so many good chats with Chee Chien. He and Badak were my closest buddies at that time. I remember we went to the US Embassy together to get our student visas that summer. We parted road, I went to NE, He went to Purdue University in IN. Badak and I wrote sporadically when we left House of 80. Chee Chien and I talked continuously... first on Telnet, then on ICQ, and now on MSN, as technology develops.

Then we graduated. He got a job, a girlfriend, and now a wife and a permanent residentship. And I got none of those. I have been aware of almost all of what's going on with him, and him the same of me.

It was lame that for all the times we were in the states, and how many times we've talked about it, we've never visited each other, not even once, although there was once I almost saw him in Chinatown Chicago. I was so bummed because I forgot to bring his phone number with me. He happened to come to the same restaurant an hour later after I left!!

He is the most outstanding heathen friend that I have, whom lasted longer than my own ex boyfriend, whom ironically was born on the same day as he was, and also with whom, shared the same initials!!!

Next year, if we meet up (better action than talk now), it will be 10 years since we last saw each other.

My words to Chee Chien...bless you my friend. Thank you for all the lovely memories.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


It is my first time ever, so it gotta be special.

Yesterday was the first day, I socialized with Jing Jing, Kah Kheng, William, and Catherine on MSN back to back almost the entire daytime. Went to Anna's to have dinner together. She made Green Curry wonderfully and I watched Alias for the first time ever in my life.

Today I decided to leave my cave and venture out. I went as far as Yuen Long!!! Reapplied my HK identity card which got stolen in May. Was happy that there wasnt a long queue and was able to get it over with in 20 mins. The last time I applied an ID card, I had to wait outside the door 2 hours before the office was opened. I brought my yarn and knitted the whole time.

Speaking of yarn, I saw some cool ones out but didn't get any.

I had Caryl and Anna over for dinner tonight. Interestingly, they were both boasting about their inability to throw up, which I pretty much can't relate to because I am a non bullimic frequent barfer. Well, I guess one day when they get pregnant and have morning sickness.....oh boy!!!!