Wednesday, March 16, 2005's wednesday already.

so i went to the immigration office early monday morning. lined up for 2 hrs before the office opened and got my temporary hong kong id...finally. it will be like the malaysian smartcard...i only get pick it up end of the month. it is useful to get a lot of things in bank account, phone services, blahs, and plus, i get to line up on the residents' line whenever i come in to hong kong. faster than showing them my passport.

and i called dell. seems like they are helping me to fix my battery for 800hkd or something. i need to check the quotation they faxed me this morning, which of course i havent because i havent been to the office.

it is an eventful week for dts. in an hour or so, we are leaving for street outreach at kowloon park. peoples' lives going to change through our ministry. AMEN!

meanwhile, i m really excited to go to TST again..even though ive just been there on sunday. tonight i am eating at Yashinoya (japanese fast food)and so many people want to come along. FUN!!!

and so neek, kah kheng and other malaysians, malaysia culture night is two weeks after friday. remember the prayer points. thanks in advance for helping.


Anonymous said...

Will try and get u the points by monday. Yoshinoya huh... had it once here - not impressed - had a plasticy taste. Hope you enjoy it more than I did.
Sounds like ur having fun :) Thanks for the updates Cat

PKD said...
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