Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bedtime Story 2

Cat had finally returned to visit her good friends in the Animal Kingdom. She saw and held Cockroach's daughter. The family was happy and complete.

Panda came and introduced her husband, whom Cat had already knew. They were blissfully in love and acting totally newly wedded. They were happy and complete as well.

Then there came the news about Turtle. In Bedtime Story 1, a lot of friends were curious about Turtle's love life. And to Cat's surprising delight, Turtle had also fallen in love with a remarkable person. Turtle told Cat that since Cat had gotten engaged in the former home of Panda and Turtle, the residual anointing in that house must had caused Cockroach, Panda, and Turtle to all find their non animal significant others in the span of 3 years. So they were very grateful to Cat, even though away from the Animal Kingdom but remained loved and favored for a long time.

That was a really good trip back to the Fusionland and the Animal Kingdom for Cat. Cat looked forward to the next trip..perhaps in the next trip Cat would be able to see Turtle getting hitched although, it would probably be said and done at Turtle's own speed. Turtle said we should not expect her to do it at Cockraoch's, Panda's or even Cat's speed.

Nevertheless, once very close friends, Cat, Panda, Cockroach and Turtle, all lived happily ever after along with their respective partners in the Animal Kindgom and other places wherever life took them.

The End