Thursday, March 17, 2005

Outreach was a bit weird.

first we forgot the cds for the dramas and dances!!!! but no one freaked out. so craig went back to the base to pick up the cd. we only did one OR. also because of that we did not do one of the dramas, "The family", which i havent seen. not sure if anna kristine just made that up or it is a new ywam drama, which again, can be old because the dramas we do here are pretty outdated.

for jojo holland, the dances were "talk about it" and "via dolorosa". i wasnt in talk because caryl forgot that i was in it during feet so she didnt ask me. and as you know, in such case, i m very good with keeping quiet about it. and via was the COR version, with chris and tamsin only. and tamsin did a lot ams part with her own improvisation. looks pretty good, but of course i still prefer our FEET version. and then we did 'redeemer'. and i was not in it too. chris was still the 'man'. he gets to do it the whole year since he is doing a year in asia.

and then we had a little drama with hong kong police. i guess between COR and now, the law changed. the police insisted that we needed a permit to do outreach in kowloon park. our translator and caryl got to keep them talking while the students were doing redeemer. and guess what we did the whole drama but then couldnt preach at the end.

nevertheless, it was a great outreach. the students just went for it and talked to people. everyone learnt something and was encouraged.

i need to go. caryl needs orange juice.

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Anonymous said...

haha you'r such a good helper for caryl!!
wow so you did Via again. cool. i still love that dance so muche
yeah i know you can be very quiet:) that's what i love about you!and more things:)
so Chris stay's the MEN. so cool
hmm Malaysia what do you think of this... that i come back to HK next january??? to do......