Friday, September 30, 2005

Me and Coffee

Because I was unreasonably tired, I made myself coffee for lunch to wake up.

Instead of getting what I hoped for, I fell asleep on the couch anyway.

Sleepy caffeine. Silly caffeine!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Shame on Rick!

We had an unusual drama with this visiting team from Kona today.

Personally I have never seen anything so spectacular on how bad things can get in an outreach team. Today is the day they travel deep into their outreach country and they were supposed to leave the base noon sharp as we have arranged transportation for them to get to the train station.

I supposed they couldnt get all the cleaning done in their apartments or have their stuff fully packed before they went out for lunch. And I supposed they didnt take it seriously when we told them they will have to pay extra to the bus company if they fail to come on time. And I supposed they couldnt call and let us know if they would be late. The bus driver was frustrated. Anna and I were frustrated. 30 minutes later, there still wasn't any sign of them coming back. We started to wonder if they would make it to catch the train on time. They would lose $1000 USD for this lesson if they happen to miss this train.

Finally at 1240, 4 out of 9 of them showed up. No apology or explanation was offered. Obviously they were embaarrassed and mad that we were rushing them off to the bus because they wanted to go back to their rooms. One lady to my shock and disdain said she was going to leave a book she already read here. Which part of 'make sure take all your belongings or leave no lapsap' didnt she understand? Her husband stormed to the black gates, and at the same moment, little Caleb saw him and introduced himself "Hi, my name is Super Caleb". Being sweet and all, he was shocked to see this grown up man gave him a mean look, tried to open the other door of the gate, which almost knocked him over. I quickly pulled Caleb to myself. I dont know what would be Craig's reaction but if we werent in a hurry to chase them out, I swore I would have gone up to him and punched his lights out for aiming his anger at our little Caleb. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I just had to lodge this off.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thank you for leaving comments

To Caryl...
Click on comments under the entry. Comment. Select 'Other' and leave your lovely name. Publish. I know you can do it. Go Girl!!!

To Catherine...
You are the real angel and I am the real cat. Same old same old. Satan eats his own face.

To William.....
No. You are still very intelligent. Mine went down. Sorry about what went on. Talk to me soon.

To Carrie...
What was the best selling pie at the VI when you worked there?

To Neek....
You always have the nicest thing to say. But, good luck trying vid-camming my feeling. On the other hand, I would love to try vid-camming your imagination unfortunately I dont have the technology because I am no geek.

To Kah Kheng...
Good to hear you!!!! So what's new?

To Jing Jing...
You behave girl. Play hard in Switzerland but stay out of trouble!!

On Permed lashes....
Sorry people. No picture. You have to come see me for your own curiosity.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Oh I feel like dancing....

When Judy emailed me that she would like Caryl or Joe to set up a booth about YWAM Hong Kong during the Missions Convention at Christ's Place, I literally flipped with disbelief!

Well then I found out Caryl will be back in HK before the convention starts, all my hopes went to Joe. So I told Joe this morning. He said, he felt he is supposed to do something on that weekend and prayed about contacting a church, but God didnt say anything so he waited. That was it!!!Now, he knows why and he has agreed to go to do communications at Christ's Place. HAHA. I am sending my base director to my home church in Lincoln. How cool is that? I also forgot, 2 of his nieces are attending Christ's Place now and one of which had actually done A Year in Asia (a program here)and few Christmas outreaches. With Judy and Anna already visited YWAM HK, they could easily set up booth there together. But Joe is going!!!!!!!

Oh I feel like's foolishness I know......

And by the way, Christ's Place Missions Committee finalized my support application and along with prayers, they are giving me enough for 4 DTS Outreaches. 4 OUTREACHES MY FRIENDS!!!! So, guess where I will be in the next 4 years!!! Smart alecks.

Oh I feel like's foolishness I know....

See this is what happens when you follow God's guidance...delirium.

I am spoiled.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lincoln NE

Zipcode 68503, Cornhusker Highway, Star Tran buses no 24 to UNL East Campus, no 4 Holdredge, Vine Street, 27th Street, The Moose Tooth, Imperial Palace, O Street, 16 & Q Lutheran Chapel, Highway 77, Christ's Place 1111 Old Cheney Road, Panera's Bread House,SouthPointe Mall, The Mill, N48th Street, Van Dorn, CBA, Love Library, Whopper Junior Meal, no ketchup on the burger, please, Car Wash, Samurai's Sam, Blockbuster, Village Inn, Trago's Park, George W. Beadle Center, Kimball Music Hall, Lied Center, Mongolian Beef, China Inn, Juice Stop, Gateway Mall, Applebees, Famous Dave's, French Onion Soup, Super Saver, Pine Lake Road, Bob Devaney's Center, Barnes and Noble, Garfield Street, Sumner Street. Sunken Garden, Williamsburg Drive, S56Th & Hwy 2 Train Tracks, Wyuka Cemetary, State Capitol, R Street, University of Nebraska Student Union, Starship 9, Culture Center, Selleck Quardrangle, Holmes Lake, Interstate 80, Haymarket, the drive from East Campus to 6100 Southdale Road.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Him and her

After a year of secret longing, he finally told her today.... that he loves her.

He gave her an envelope with some money, a gift voucher to an ice cream place, and a letter he typed the night before. Those were words he could not say to her in person.

He spilt and when and why... and asked her to consider 'it'. He said he knows she doesn't like him but it's okay. He still wants to tell her anyway. He assured her that being just friends is okay with him if she decides to no 'it'. He even asked her to take as much time as she needed to consider.He is willing to risk it again for her, who has never in any way return any of his kind and self-restraint love.

"What kind of a man is he?" she pondered. "What have I done to deserve such kind thoughts? "

One thing for sure, she certainly feels special. She had come across numerous admirers over the years and this isn't like she would magnify any forms of attention given to her by members of the opposite sex. She is just honestly flattered and impressed this time.

And what would she say to him then?

Monday, September 19, 2005






Sunday, September 18, 2005


The weather has been consistently wet.

I was walking back from Kam Tin, minding my own business when a car rudely sped pass a puddle of water by the sidewalk I was standing that very second. I was in disbelief at first but then I thought hey, that felt it again!!

You just don't get splashed by sidewalk water everyday. If I were Christopher Liew, I probably would buy 4Ds. But I am not. Ha!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

On Permed Eyelashes

I knew it could be a hot subject and expected lots of questions and comment.

It is a ~40-minute procedure...painless and highly recommended if you were out shopping and needed a nap because you needed to have your eyes shut the whole time. I was restless so shutting my eyes for that long being awake almost drove me nuts.

The effect. It looks just like when I have applied mascara, which I dont. The perm will last longer if I apply mascara all the time.

On the subject of mascara. I am hunting for clear mascara with glitters. I dont know if it is already in production or in even in the minds of fashion designers. So, if I do find one, I might start wearing it.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hong Kong SAR

It is still hard to believe this is now the place I call home.

Everytime I travelled on the KCR, then MTR, stared at all the routes and connections inside the train, each time I walked through IFC building to get to church, located at the center of the skycrapers showcase, I couldn't help but wonder why and how on earth did I ever end up here?

Less than 5 mins walk westward is Sheung Wan where Lawrence now works, and at the back of my church, somehow I discovered is the famous place called the Midlevels, and Lan Kwai Fong. Admiralty, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay districts are also all within walking distance. All too overwhelming to me! Maybe it never occurs to me that Hong Kong Island is actually quite small.

It is a beautiful city, diverse, prosperous, and definitely to be proud of.

After so long being here, I've made only 2 local Hong Kong chinese friends. One works with one of our programs here called the King and I, and the other is currently a DTS student. I built a business relationship with a meat delivery guy sinceafter I became the food manager. That's about all.

Even though I live in the land called Hong Kong. Within the Black Gates of the Courtyard (where the base operates) and staff dorms, it is still very much America. It is a strange colony surrounded by at least 5 ancestral temples in the oldest (800 yrs old) village in Hong Kong. That might as well be the reason God planted us here, worshipping Him daily at the very place where Hong Kong started.

As strange as it sounds, our Courtyard IS part of the Heritage Trail along with those temples, where hundreds of tourists would come to visit every weekend. I could only wish I knew exactly what went through their minds when they saw so many kwai lows freely accessing to an ancient property which they could only take pictures of.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Have I bragged about my new toy ipod shuffle? At first I felt silly getting this completely featureless, all-possible-ways-inferior-to-PC users flash mp3 player just because the appearance appealed to me the most than any others that are available in HK. But now, I begin to love it especially the randomness of the songs it plays.

Like the ad for ipod shuffle said, life is random.

I did the most random thing last weekend. Wenji and I went to Kwai Fong again. Among the few interesting things we did was getting our eye lashes permed.

Yep. We did. So, now put your jaws back in normal position!