Monday, February 28, 2005

not so good news....

we were all having lunch on the 'roof', not literally but the highest level of our main building because the dining tables and chairs in the courtyard were wet from the mean weather.

i was sitting by chris, having vegetable soup, and leftover food from german culture night. i looked over and saw caryl who was all red on her face. i was astonished. had she been crying? something wasnt right. she made a motion to me. she had something to tell me.

so we walked away from the hungry people. then she spilled the beans....
kristy josephine tymos, my sweet kristy had got into an accident. in her tears caryl told me the doctors are not sure if she is going to live due to the condition of her lungs. i asked her to repeat the name. yeah kristy, from my dts last year, she is in coma right now. according to the news, even if she made it through, she may not be able to walk again. that was what grieving caryl. kristy is only 19.

i couldnt finish my soup and i let chris had my last meat ball. i quickly cleaned my plate and bowl and headed for home. thoughts of kristy just occupied my mind. i was praying god, please dont let her die. but again, if she lives she will not be the same kristy. what would kristy feel? would she rather go be with jesus or stay and live differently?

i m not quite ready to accept the fact of losing kristy.


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Psalm 27:13-14