Saturday, July 15, 2006

A random visitor

Yesterday, Man Lok from last year's COR came to visit the base with her dad and brother. Because everyone else was engaged with business, I had to chat with them to be polite.

Man Lok's dad introduced himself as KK. It was alright. We continued to small chat. Apparently he owns some property in Shui Mei Tsuen, and he is not a Tang!!! He bought over the land from the Tangs in the 70s but never really did anything with it and now he is trying to draft some papers so that the property can be rented properly.

I thought that was interesting.

When I told them my wedding date, he was intrigued. He said, hey that's my wedding anniversary. I then replied, hey you know, I am marrying a KK, in fact a KKK. He said, those are my initials too..KKK. So, is he also a computer engineer????

I thought that was interesting.

See Angeline, connecting with strangers wasnt that bad....


Cate said...

We should rent that property! Woo! We need more room....<3

Anonymous said...

i love random stories like that. i love RANDOM stories like that. beautiful!!!!!

william wolf (some kid in nursery called me that once)