Sunday, July 30, 2006

Working on day off 3

Phone rang about 730am. Meliza came in and said, Jonathan was on the phone for me. Another episode in the series of Kitchen Horrors was about to begin.......

Jonathan: Are you coming to prepare the breakfast with us?
Me: No. I left you and Jay the instructions to make chicken pot pie. Didnt you see it? Just follow them and you will be ok. It is very easy.
Jonathan: I am not really confident and I dont see the chicken pie recipe. I dont know where things are.
Me(annoyed): This is my day off....
Jonathan: Ok...


I went back up to my bunk. I wanted to sleep bottom bunkmate moaned whole last night and this morning...whine whine whine whine whine and whine....

I jumped back down and went to the kitchen. They were both looking at the Nasi Lemak recipe, probably almost in tears. I told, we are not making that. The instruction you were supposed to look at is on the counter as I pointed and to my amazement, it wasnt there. Good thing I came down. So, the next few minutes I was looking frantically for the instructions. Then I gave up. I went to the computer and reprinted the recipe. I could not understand how the paper just disappeared. The strangest thing happened. I didnt know how I was suddenly inspired to look under the microwave. There I pulled out the instruction that I left on the counter the night before.


This joke was NOT FUNNY. I dont want to find out who did it because forgiveness is very challenging now.

Anyway, I ended up staying with them until the pie was out of the oven. Instruction wouldnt have helped anyway. They didnt know how to boil the to tell if the chicken was cooked, where to look for frozen vegetables, where to look for anything!

In the afternoon, I spat all the fire and brimstones at Faby. She finally said, they will continue to rely on me as long as I am in the kitchen. I need to just not be around, and they will HAVE TO figure things out by themselves.

I took the advice. Afterall I want to be by myself today so that people are safe. Cant even remember the last time I went to Yuen Long completely detached from business.

So I went there and decided to be generous on myself after all my hardwork....I bought 3 amazingwears and 4 scandalouswears. The base will get to see the amazingwears but only my husband gets to see the scandalouswears.

Finally, my fury subsided.

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Anonymous said...

hrmmm... i've never seen angie really furiously angry... would be quite interesting.. hehe... hrmmm.. maybe it is time for you to go?