Saturday, July 29, 2006

My SR (only used this term in ywam)

5 months post engagement, and 4 months towards the big day. This long distance SR (since Nov 2005) is getting so REAL. What they said about the hardship of intimate relationship is true to me experientially (<--no such word).

There were disagreements;
There were issues of the past;
There were failure of seeing from the other's perspective;
There were unintentional offenses due to PMS;
There were misunderstanding due to ineffective communications;
There were long arguments;
There were tears;
There were sleepless nights; and
There were even the occasional fear of "what if I could get along with anyone on the face of the earth except my only husband".

But, there was never malicious words;
Never unforgiveness;
Never disrespect; and
Never a doubt about this coming marriage.

There was always love;
Always joy;
Always peace;and
Always trust;
But especially love.


Babygirl said...


Anonymous said...

you are ttotally in love...sigh..

good for you..what about our SR that Dean found out about recently?? hehehe

Tina said...

you put such lovely words to my confusing emotions- this change is H-U-G-E and nice, huh? t