Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Working on day off 2

This is far worse than the first.

I knew I could not possibly have a real day off especially when that was a less than 24 hour notice. Today was a food run day, not just any food run but Culture Night food run. I wasnt ready for this yesterday. Could have done everything last night but I was dead by dinner time. So, I thought..better come in after a night's rest to pick up the ends.

My anger tonight has everything to do with Wellcome Delivers. They dont. I was expecting this delivery yesterday afternoon! I missed it because I was in class. So, I had to come in today for that too. I waited the whole morning till 2pm and I couldnt wait any longer. I called them up. They rescheduled the delivery till 6-8pm tonight. That was fine. Got a check from Joe and was ready for it.

I finished organizing the food run and sent the crew off by 4. Things were normal in the kitchen too. Just when I thought I could get out of here and come back before 6, it started raining. By the time it stopped it was almost 6.

So I sat in here and waited. And waited.

Its past 10 o clock now. I am so angry. This has never happened before! I could just ignored them and go to bed but the dilemma is, I ran out of milk, rice, cereals.... If I missed them again tonight, there will be a famine tomorrow.

So angry.

Like Jonah said, I am angry enough to die.


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Anonymous said...

I can understand your frustration; it must have been really irritating. (Sorry, I am a few blogs behind; just trying to catch up on my HK friends.)