Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Old pictures (click on them for larger view)

Judging the age of the little baby his mom(second from right) was holding , Angeline was probably just 2 years old. Notice that there are a few things that have not changed since...
She still thinks she is cute.
She still insists to sit on laps.

She still plays with fluffy toys.

Now from the date stamp, Angeline was 13. A few things have changed...
She has a lot longer hair now.
She weighs a lot more than that now.
She doesnt have the habit of wearing extremely large mens tshirts anymore.


Anonymous said...

Where did you find those old photos.. ehehe.. and that men's shirt in the second pic doesn't look oversized.. ahahhaha if i could only show you the t-shirts my friends n I wore when we were in lower sec school - swimming comes to mind actually.. but yeah u look like u in the second pic... a very 'malaysian' u.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Finally get to see your baby pic.

I think you're cute too.