Thursday, July 13, 2006

Joe's birthday today

I wanted to make him a boiled egg but I couldnt get up early enough. I had practice session early in the morning because he was leading worship.

So, I made his favorite dinner, fish and chips. I needed to make tartar sauce but we dont have sweet pickled relish. Yesterday I sent Sebastian and Jayakumar, my foodrun crew to get them but they came back with chinese pickled cucumber!!! They said they couldnt find them and the ones they have are in radish which the kitchen already has like a dozen jars of those.

So, I had to carefully wash the radish off the relish. That was the craziest thing I did today-all for Joe.

God bless the good guy.

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Tina said...

Ang, I forgot how much i missed your sence of humor. i just had time to read the last couple of posts and i swept down to see your very cute photos and i miss you.
ps- nothing was really wrong- it was just a frustrating moment when i had to be quiet and so i wrote it there in phonetics rather than pin yin or english- strange, i know. back to my job- love you.