Wednesday, February 02, 2005


my first memory of the day was at 2 am. guess why?

i actually got so cold that i woke up from my sleep. i got down from my high tower (top bunk) and searched for the sleeping bag that belongs to anna jane because that is the only thing that kept me warm the last cold front. on the way back to high tower, my bedmate, pooh decided to jump off board. while he did that, he knocked nicky's alarm clock off under the bed. poor nicky...she got up and started to devise a plan to recover her clock. she couldnt. so, i got down from the high tower AGAIN to help her. we had to MOVE the bed to get her clock.

and the cold is consistent throughout the day.


Nicholas said...

hey, why dun u allow anonymous comments.. that way ppl dun hafta login to blogger to write comments.. i can comment coz i have a blogger account... anyways that's my two cents worth. CNY coming - sun nin fai lok, sun chong lek kin and all that other happy stuff

caramellattes said...

hey, nick showed me your site and i thought yeah, this is great since we both haven't done a good job keeping in touch ... hope all is well with you. happy cny and god bless. hw.