Friday, February 18, 2005

Cat and other things

i always have lots of things in my mind that i want to say here. but they never seem to materialize on the board. this is an ongoing frustration..well, one of the many, which i dont really bother to elaborate.

so, i will just type out usual.

yeah, about the cat i mentioned last week. it turned out that nancy, our base director was the one responsible for its unfortunate condition..who would have thought? on tuesday, some of the staff members were exaggerating that a cat had gotten underneath our volvo (donated)and how it sufferred a violent death when they saw blood and hair everywhere, in front of me to see how sick i could get. and they still were still talking about it the next day...and then brandon said, he didnt think the cat was dead because there just wasnt enough blood. caryl who was with us suddenly said she wondered if it was the cat that i saw on the bridge because she heard nancy talked about almost killing a cat the same day i saw it and i happened to saw the cat two houses away from where nancy lives, which is also the same apartment complex as the light house. so it all came together.

i thought it was interesting.

dean sherman has been great. i love his brutal honesty and most of all his cockiness. he is one of the speakers that doesnt say something just because everybody says so... he backed his teachings with sufficient evidence in the bible, the original meaning, context, and historical relevance blaaaa. i think the most important reason why i like him is because our thinking patterns and views about god and things in the world are very similar. this is my second year with dean.
i enjoyed him this year more than the last. and he is coming again in summer for our next dts.

dinner is calling. tonight we are celebrating indian culture night. tryfina is cooking some pretty good stuff.

later we are having our first talent/talentless night. i m doing something funny with chris, who was my co-participant in FEET last year and now my dts student.

tomorrow i m taking them (yups all 14 of them) to the beach and have some bbq, if the weather is forecasted to be around 10-13C tomorrow..something to frown about. but we were given a generous amount of money to spend on maybe i will take them for some nice dim sum...hmmm

meanwhile the base will be populated with people from all over because of this event called 'the king and i', the only ministry we have for hong kong christians. 70 people signed up for this. i wonder if the leaders are glad that i m evacuating the dts so that it doenst get too crazy during lunch.

tamsin is going to be 19 tomorrow. it's her crown birthday.

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