Tuesday, February 01, 2005

just another day in paradise

the day went better than i expected.

doing worship together with caryl is growing on me. caryl is our magnificent dts director. i happen to be her rare but permanent fan. she is from omaha of all the places in the world and had attended UNL before. she was the final convincing reason i came to do dts in hong kong.

2pm...language learning; teacher....yours truly.
i was supposed to use the full 1.5 hrs. i reviewed the basic pin yin and taught them tones. i constructed a few important words like ni hao (hello) and mao (cat). i introduced pronouns and taught them cute phrases like wo xi huan ni (i like you) with all combinations of pronouns, singular and plural. and i thought i would use up the whole 1.5 hrs. BUT how wrong! in about half an hour, they all spoke like professionals. it is hard being a teacher. next week, i have to come up with something more interactive and fun. thatz a problem. i m not very funny coming to teaching. gosh.

what is going down here right now is the temperature. this morning i left the lighthouse around 745, i was fine wearing just two layers of long sleeve shirts. by 10, i was shivering with another layer of sweater. by dinner time, i was shivering in my winter coat. i think it's about time to pull out my long johns. and if i m really up to it, i might even knit myself a blanket.

while i m on that subject, i knitted a scarf for tryfina last saturday. anna jane's mom taught me how to knit the 'pearl' stitch. i have progressed. so that was my first pearly scarf. i feel pretty good about it. i taught tryfina and sarah moodie(another cool dts student) how to knit the plain stitch last night. today i saw tryfina wearing a ear warmer that she knitted for herself. can you see great discipleship going on here?

yeah, a nice blanket sounds good......the only problem is, i dont know if i can afford yarn. oh well, just another nice thought.

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Nicholas said...

Oh no!!!! You've been hit by the knitting bug!!! Arrrggggghhhhhhhh..... the ladies in the office were knitting all of last year! Sigh... I really think this is one of those things I will never understand.