Sunday, February 06, 2005

consolation required

i shocked my laptop. i have 4 options. 1. call DELL; 2. perform a surgery to reset the bios clock; 3. reboot bios from floppy; and 4. get a mac ibook. i have done none, except getting dell's phone number. my guess is, they are gonna ask me to do option 3....which means i have to get a bios floppy which i dont have, which means i have to wait for it to be sent to me if they would.

i was a little devastated. maybe more frustrations will come up later.

that was the reason i couldnt update my blog since the day after the last time i post. i cannot remember.

dts had a dashing week. p.s.l.d.r. is special to me. i analyzed myself from the point of fruits of strongholds and i recognize freedom from most of them. it is precious to see my babies (the students) in their vulnerability, getting touched by the holy spirit, embracing and enduring the struggles they need to work through, and yet receiving comfort and healing from him. i love this school. i love my babies.

it was an truly heightened emotional week for everyone.

the highlight of the weekend personally was my first heart to heart with caryl. finally i come to an understanding why she is the way she is. maybe i always have known, being a considerably sensitive person. i braved myself to tell her how it affected my communications and overall relationship with her...starting all the way from my dts. but again, not everything is about her because my personality contributed to the difficulty as well, big time! anyways, i ended up spending the whole 4 hours with her. we browsed through her cd collection (which looks pretty similar to mine), and i actually chose all songs and arranged them in order for her to do worship on tuesday. i love caryl.

some other random stuff....
anna jane is addicted to this america top model show which is on tv right now. so funny to see her fixing a dinner in between commercial breaks. i semi destroyed the chopping block just now while preparing dinner for myself and nicky...talking about nicky, i have a date with her. we are supposed to talk about the week and pray for each other...and she is waiting. so i will go to her NOW. i will write more about nicky later. she is so cool. i love nicky.

ps. huiwan, i m surprised you drop by. happy chinese new year to you. bless you!

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