Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's boys and girls

rahel from my dts last year just announced her wedding to her antoinne. the big day is this friday 18th. she is the first of our dts to tie the knot, as expected. congratulations to her!

the fireworks on chinese new year day 2. i went with the dts to the island at the place called wan chai to view the display. great spot, i should say. the show lasted for at least 30 mins and was just as spectacular as the one i saw at mount rushmore on july 4, 2001...i think. on the way back however, transportation turned out to be a nightmare. the showed ended at around 830ish...we were told to catch a bus at causeway bay (still on the island), that would directly take us back to the new territories that way we can avoid taking mtr to kowloon side where the worst case of crowding was. so we walked a few blocks to take the mtr..and when we got out of causeway bay area, we found out we had chosen the wrong exit, it took us 30 mins to find the right bus stop. and by the time we got back to the village, it was past 1030. the whole 2 hours of just trying to get home.

yesterday, after church, i went to wan chai to hunt for my bios clock battery whatever that is called (remember it died on me??). i accidentally bumped into a bus stop where i could take the same bus i took on thursday to come back to the village!! i felt so silly taking mtr to causeway bay (further into the island) to get out of the island and the fact that we took more than 2 hours to get home just because of the multiple transportation options available here in hong kong and we couldnt decide which to pick.

for others (actually just william) dean sherman is here. he is funnier than last year. this year, he started with S.R. first then spiritual warfare. the students are really enjoying him.

i miss you william. how have you been since the last we talked? now that i dont have my laptop, i havent been able to check your xanga, and everyone else's...sigh. anyway, if you are able, email me, ok? thanks, bro.

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