Thursday, February 10, 2005


tamsin (my dts student from South Africa) and i were on the way to kam tin to get some groceries for the base when we saw this poor cat lying on a bridge, bleeding and was in obvious pain. i thought it was dead until we saw it blinked its eyes to us. tamsin's reaction was funny. she said, we cant just leave the poor thing there. she asked me if anyone on the base here who has a gun! then she left me on the bridge and ran back to the base to get 'HELP'.

so there was me, on the bridge, trying to console and pray for the cat at the same time directing the cars and buses so that they wouldnt hit the cat when they pass us by. so one by one the cars slowed down, making sure the cat and i were ok. i was so impressed how much they respected the cat because i was by its side. then, a really kind lady jumped out from a jaguar, came to us, and she held that helpless, ugly, filthy, and hurt cat. she and her husband took the cat away. i am eternally grateful and in relief.

the moral of the story for me....when i was on the bridge with the cat, i thought of me like that cat, helpless, dirty, insignificant and ready to just take someone important (i.e. god)to be on my side. whenever the cars and buses came by, i saw the cat fear for its life but because i was right there, the vehicles were not able to harm it. that is how god is. he is always on my side protecting me, and he can do even more than what i can do for the cat. i see the enemy has to think twice before he lays his finger on me, or he simply just wont. just like he couldnt take away job's life because god didnt allow him.

this is chinese new year day 2. there's big firework show down on hong kong island. i changed my mind to go along with my dts students. it is my festival afterall and they really want me to be there with them.

i relinquish my rights to rest and i feel good about it.

staff meeting in 15 mins. i have to boot.

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