Sunday, February 20, 2005


i m dedicating this post to one of my favorite persons i met last year. i called the person amsterdam.

my clowning with chris on the talent/nontalent night was a hit. i didnt think i did great. i almost blew my cover because i was laughing so hard onstage. the reason i got away with it was that i had this whistle blowing..which was our 'communication' tool with each other. but chris was natural. he was da man.

that was friday night.

as i said, the weather was mean. it is still. we cancelled our beach bbq and went to a chinese place in kamtin to eat lunch. it was like giving them a preview of what a chinese meal is like when we go on outreach.

since all my flatmates were working on saturday for 'king and i'. i had the whole apartment for myself and i couched, read 'jesus i never knew', my favorite book, made and drank hot chocolate, listened to something i havent heard for a while..over and over, took a nap....zzzz.. i had a well deserved afternoon alone..something i will never have ever again.

that was saturday afternoon.

it was missions sunday at church. i was actually contemplating on doing FEET again. hmmm....i wonder if i m going to continue entertaining that thought. otherwise, it can be the next good conversational topic for me and hawkeye...i mean god.

that's today.

neek...thanks for your comments. so when are you inviting me to read your blog?

i sometimes wonder how many people are reading silently...or if anyone cares to read at all.

but i m a decent fan of myself, so i will continue to write and read myself.



Anonymous said...

Hahaha, you can read my blog anytime its just that i don't update very often. Also check out Lawrence's webpage -

just checked my 'blog' - last update was July 04 -which is really bad

hrmm.. might post something today

Anonymous said...

yo Malaysia,
i will read them!!!! cheking almost every day to see how things are doing.
miss Feet and HK to much.
and all the special persons i meet. on FEET.

keep in touch
(second favorite person from FEET?? haha just joking

luv ya

Anonymous said...

Cant promise everyday but will surely check it out FREQUENTLY!!!