Wednesday, February 23, 2005

its a whamsday

well..title doesnt mean anything. i m having a good day. also, today is the exact halfway on dts lecture phase. scary, eh? time just flew like that.

chinese lesson went quite well this afternoon. this has been the third lesson i conducted without using a single english word. i made them learn how to sing yue1 liang4 dai4 biao3 wo3 de xin1. they will be so loved when they go to the cultural exchange thing in china (in two months). whooohooooo!

we had a good lesson with bill payne this morning. bill is lecturing on the character of god this week. pop quiz guys... what is the first instant of sin in the garden of eden?

according to bill's theory, it was when adam started to believe a lie about god. he was convinced by satan that god was not telling the truth about the forbidden fruit. and of course throughout history, mankind believes a lot of things about god. whatever they believe determines their destiny...whatever they do reflects what they believe. and the product of that, is the world today.

truth according to bill, is the accurate perception of reality. reality is absolute. it doesnt adjust to what people believe. religion can be tailored. but god is who he says who he is.

here is my confession. i have an exaggerated sense of liking for philosophy...but i cant really express it in the same magnitude.

are you yawning yet?

here's another confession. neek, i like your blog...but i like mine a tad more. just because.... well, do you care?

hey holland. glad to hear your interview went well. i have been thinking seriously of getting facedown. i think it is worth owning a copy. seriously seriously.

guys, matt redman's album facedown rocks!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised you like your blog more - I like urs more too! Can't be bothered to tweak the layout/colors etc in mine so I'm just leaving it till I really can't stand it anymore then I'll give it an extreme makeover!

But sure, indulge me with the reasons why you like ur own. I'm sure it'll be enlightening ;) as always when hearing Angie's real thoughts.

Nice to know that ur having a nice day - glad ur classes are going well. Pass over some of the positive enthusiasm; mine seems to be waning as the semester draws to a cloas.