Friday, July 01, 2005


I guess it is Jung Hee, my anonymous comment person. Hope you come back and visit my blog. If it is not you, then it's Faby! If I am correct, give me a present. That Ipod flashdrive/mp3 player is nice.

I guess being the Kitchen Angel is really hard. The longer I work, the more I found out little things that I didn't know, the more I found my responsibilities increasing in exponential rate. Despite people raving about the good food being produced, I still think I am a poor manager in overall. Sigh.

I guess there will be all work and no play time. I just realized I am feeding at least 70 people till the 3rd week of July.

I guess it is true what Amsterdam told me, food manager doesn't stop working.

I guess I would need to improve my improvisational skills because this has to be my standard operating mechanism now. That goes along with the last Park N Shop order where I ordered 25 big cans of Tuna Fish in OIL for my intended Tuna Fish sandwich which I have never liked.

You don't have to guess this... I am addicted to work.


Anonymous said...

so what are you going to use the oil for?

-Catherine :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, my new backround is not hidious. I happen to think it's very fun. Angeline, you are the HK xanga blogring representative. You have to make us grow. No more slacking off! I'm very excited that you manage the kitchen now. It can't be THAT exhausting. It used to be Godwin's job. He never works hard!

Anonymous said...


What makes you think that GATO?!?

Me very surprised!!!