Monday, July 25, 2005

Neek Lee

Nick is one of the most unforgettable friends I have in life. I think he could be my best friend who is best in a different way than Tayo.

It was funny how I used to tell him that he could be the male version of myself. We love a few similar things..i.e. worship music, computering, cooking, shopping, and talking online. It was even funnier that one time, he actually allowed me to put nail polish on his fingernails. He was just soooooo cool!

It was him that got me interested in DTS. So, you know how important he is!!!

So, he will turn 27 sometime next week, and I think I promised to get back the minimalist look on my blog to celebrate his special day. Even though it sounds silly, still it is nice to remember a promise.

Happy birthday Neek. You know it has been always nice to chat with you all these times all these years.


Zoe said...


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA - What a nice surprise. I'd actually forgotten about ur promise but definitely good-on-ya for remembering! I definitely like this look better...
Also I'm not sure I qualify as the male version on this blog's owner but yes I do enjoy all those activities! I miss cooking - like seriously miss cooking... I honestly believe I could do it everyday. So Angie has one of my dream jobs! hahaha... not sure if I could do it for a living but oh well I guess I should try at some point in my life.
Also, thanks for the birthday wishes although they are early. Thanks Zoe too - how's San Jose or are you in Swiss land already? I can't remember.

Zoe said...

NEEK, I am back to SJ. You should leave your contact info!!!