Saturday, July 16, 2005

Something about the D School of Jan 04....

I will normally check my smartcat at once in a while because there hasnt been active mailing activities there. And yesterday when I got in, I received a surprise present from Nancy Liaw. What a blessing. This girl I miss has been quiet for almost a year and I even thought she remembers me no more. That just gave me an idea....I will drop a bomb on Adeline, who was a Kings Kid, whom Carrie misses.

So apparently Carrie will not be coming back to Asia. I know what to tell Caryl.

Heard from Faby recently that Kevin is getting engaged with some Spanish girl he met at university.

Nicky and Brandon, who has recently became an uncle, are both working hard as FEET has now started. Nicky is the co-leader of FEET!!

William and Rose are both staff at YWAM Ensenada. It is amazing how closely involved we are in each others lives even today.

Catherine is planning her way back to Hong Kong...hopefully. Imagine the Lighthouse with her, me and Nicky.

And so many of them (Cat, Liz, Carrie, Rose, and Will(??)) will be going to see darling Kristy in Canada.

Have I forgotten to mention anyone?

I think we are too good to be true. Feels like we are still together!

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