Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Joe

He is 53 today. If I have known earlier, I could have made him a big bowl of noodle with chicken soup and chinese wine. I heard the Feeters will be visiting his house for their progressive dessert tonight.

One thing I forgot to mention... last weekend, we welcomed our new roomates Jeremy and Scala to our Lighthouse. They were coming to participate FEET but changed their minds to staff FEET. The Lighthouse would have been called the FEET staff house if I weren't living there.

FEET 05 finally started on Monday. With all the schools and program going, we only have 3 operation staff left on the base...Anna Jane, Caryl and me. Anna Jane is heading home (Wollongong, AUS) for furlough this saturday. Then soon, Caryl is going to go. And then, I will go too.

This half of the year will be pretty interesting for me. Whatever happens in this 5-6 months will determine what I will be doing next year.

We'll see what the kitty drags in.


Anonymous said...

Yo yo yo yo yo! Drag on in kitty kat, drag em on in.
Please remember to wash underneath your finger nails!
*Pays homage to the Kitchen Chief*

Anonymous said...

Angeline! My love! Wow... SO MANY FEET STAFFERS?!?!?!?!? Are they making it two teams?!?!

:) Miss you. Got to talk to Christopher on the phone, that was a fantastic blast.

Anonymous said...