Saturday, July 09, 2005

It was all night prayer last night. Prayer and Feasting...Ams prepared so much snacks.

The worship/intercession time was demon terrorizing.

I had a new kitchen record. I cooked 30 lbs of chicken one night and there wasnt any leftover!!!

Catherine sent me the newest Passion CD "How Great is Our God". That song has been ringing in my head for the last 12 hours. Catherine, I know how much you like that song. I am just as obsessed as you are.

The base is so full of people now, just like during the Christmas Outreach. I really like the King's Kids. How I wish they will stay here forever.

I am completely exhausted but completely satisfied and happy.

I love being busy like crazy.


Unknown said...

You are totally in love with God! That is sooo awesome!

If you ever want to spend a whole lot of time in praise....Harp and Bowl. Or even better...IHOP in Kansas City. International House of Prayer. The worship is 24/'s so very deep. :)

Anonymous said...

totally awesome to read is sounds so full enthousiasm...

is ams not sick any more?

Caryl e-mailed me....she will pray again for it:)

Anonymous said...

How'd they let you out without a man co-leader?

Adeline was a King's Kid.

I miss Adeline.

Anonymous said...

Well, Carrie.. I win... cuz... I miss everyone ;) JK.

Angeline, I was so lucky. I talked to Carrie on the phone for an hour. :D

I am glad you are loving the CD. Lets go find Chris Tomlin and make him marry one of us.

I did a whole bunch of DTS memories on my xanga...

+ I think I finally figured out the perfect pen name for me......

Cate Farren .. it means Pure/Chaste/Clean Wanderer