Monday, July 04, 2005

King's Kids International of YWAM El Paso

These kids are solid and on fire for God. They are the revival catalysts of their generation!

It is an honor to serve them and even having them swallow my entire kitchen! They thought the fish porridge that I made tasted like chicken porridge.

Tina called this morning. I gave her the mobile numbers of all the people on the base that has one.

Happy July 4th.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, People from EL PASO ROCK!!

YEah!!!! VIVA EL PASO!!!

ME.... love hong kong too actually!
was nice to hang out in your office....let's do it again!!

Anonymous said...

The world is so small....I spent a summer at the YWAM base in Juarez, Mexico/El Paso, summer of my life.....Send my love to Faby.

Anonymous said...

I like freedom, but I dont like fireworks.