Saturday, June 11, 2005

Post-OR Ramblings 4

my first batch dts students graduated this warm morning in a lovely little feast.

at the end of the party, craig had an announcement that we should take a look at his wife's tummy area. the little one is about 5 weeks old inside. loud shrieks, cheers and applauses in the air!

i went out to yuen long the first time since i got back from OR. bought myself a new sim card and thus restored my mobility.

got a call from catherine the joyful noise maker. i wish she is here NOW.


Anonymous said...

I'm working on it.. I'm working on it ;) Heehee. Oh well.. I sent that e-mail in, now I am just waiting and praying. I am going to the beach tomorrow to spend the night and am hoping to have a FABULOUS talk with Jesus and get more clarity and cofirmation... plus I am still looking at plane tickets. If I can find one around $600 I am gonna visit. *IF* ... ;)


Anonymous said...

hi angeline, this is william. things are going very well here in mexico. as usual, i am a social butterfly, but i notice that i am also being an older brother ( i am the second oldest amongst short term staff , 28 in all)

everyone is excited, i'm learning to pace myself. it's good to know craig knocked up his wife, i hope they have 20 kids. bwahahahahaha.