Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Newest in Life

I called myself the new Director of the Dining Services now in accordance to the prophecy I made last year during FEET.

But I quickly turned into a Kitchen Monster after 2 days. Why? Better leave it unsaid.

I like my work and I like the fact that I am staying in my little office which I dearly termed my planet, just as Jung Hee used to called his AV room his kingdom, until certain ungodly hour.

Being a manager is quite fun. I always have money to spend. I always have to order online and send people to the stores to get stuff. I have delivery people coming everyday. I even schedule Park N Shop to deliver twice a day (even though not deliberately) because I always need things, or rather always forget to order something. I won't be surprised if that arouses the suspicion that I am having a mega crush on the Park N Shop delivery guy.

Other than that, I am better off wearing rags these days.

I miss you Tina. TINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Why are you so freaking quiet and grey?


Anonymous said...

DO you have a crush on the park n shop delivery guy? ;) C'mon 'Geline... Let me know..........

yeah, that planet is sucking you in like a black hole. I never get to talk to you anymore! Poo!!!!!!

Or is there a regular hour that you get online now that you are back STAFFING or is it just.... never? *TEAR*


Anonymous said...

What happened to Godwin? Wasn't that his job before?
Miss you.