Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Return of Amsterdam

she is hot! i dont get to see her much until today. she came over to the Lighthouse to play with the girls, and i made her lunch then found out she recently became a vegan.

she always blesses me. she got me aquafresh extreme clean toothpaste, a pink visor, cat stickers, a green bermuda bag from old navy, and three pairs of spiky rubbery funky color earrings that i would never buy for myself because i never think i could be cool enough for those.

itz nice when someone else think more highly of me than i would think of myself.

she makes me happy. always.

we went over to anna jane's new apartment for housewarming. i love staff parties like this when we are not having it on the base.

by the way, her real name is annemarie mee. she doesnt have a middle name. they call her ams here for short. eventually and naturally i started to call her amsterdam.

she is my hearo (my great listener). i came close to worship her (just kidding)!


Anonymous said...

anne marie mee sounds like a palindrome, but it's not. here are some panlindromes.... hannah. dud. toot. stab radar bats. go hang a salami im a lasagna hog. clever eh?

Anonymous said...

oh wait. i didn't make those up. i stole those.

Anonymous said...

when did she left stunner Ams!!
she is so cool.
do you now when she is coming back in hk?