Friday, April 08, 2005

Addition to the family

just got back from kam tin. dts went out to have lassi (very yummy indian yoghurt drink) to celebrate lisa's 9th week pregnancy. lisa and mathias went to the doctor this morning and had their suspicion confirmed.

so, there's a change of plan. they will be doing their outreach phase in hk instead. the doctors advised them to go back to germany because the pregnancy is considered 'high risk'. lisa had chemotherapy 9 months ago and isnt supposed to get pregnant after 2 years. but they decided to finish off the dts and graduate with the rest of the school.

it was an emotional day.

this is the first school where we will end with an extra person. :-)

that was my second trip to kam tin today. this afternoon, i had to go to the post office to mail something to godwin. i stopped by a restaurant to get lunch because the base is having 'rice salad' which i was totally not excited about.

i had the most embarrassing realization. you see, whenever i went to a typical hong kong restaurant and ordered something. they would bring this tea in a small cup. of course i thought it was a complementary drink and i always drank it. the lady that served me asked me if i wanted anything else to drink because they serve tea and soda and so on. i was like, why should i order another tea when they already brought me one so i declined. then i saw her bringing another customer the tea with chopsticks and spoon sticked in the cup. i was so horrified. the first thing that entered my mind was i have been drinking recycled tea. EWWWWWWW. the second thing were all the conclusions the people could come up with seeing me drinking rinse tea. EWWWWWWW.

it is a custom to rinse diningware with tea before eating in hk chinese restaurants. i learn something about eating culture today.


Anonymous said...

wow didn;t you knew that you had to rinse your choppers with the tea i learnt that on the feet day out in the dim sum place. after that i almost never did it again but there they told me that.
so you were on the same table i thought you knew!!!
but it is funny!!
wow a DTS baby

Anonymous said...

what a cultural folkway (minor infringement) angeline. i would expect a blood chinese like u to know this, even brandon the super white boy from a conservative farm background knew this!!!!!! i love it angeline. i love this story!!! it means you can share your mishaps with others and give them a good laugh. oh yeah. i was completely astonished by this ... BABY! but your tea story overshadowed it.

Anonymous said...

I love you Angeline. Your story makes me laugh.
How does recycled tea taste?

Anonymous said...

Angie, thank you for sharing your experience.

This will put me on high alert if I were to order dim sum in Hong Kong.

How did it taste btw?