Tuesday, April 05, 2005

one week to OR

william keomany,

i have wanted to tell you for a while. i think jason upton is exceptional. i was packing for outreach the whole afternoon and i had the jason upton cd you burnt playing while i was doing that.

thank you so much for that cd. i m addicted.

recently the base has been overtaken by EWC fans (to my dismay). lots of EWC stuff being introduced during W time. i m working on liking them...but not very promising. you came in the wrong year!

anyway, if you decide not to go to ensenada but meet up with liz and chuck, tell chuck i enjoyed her stories. but if you decide to go to ensenada, tell rose about my blog and give her my love.

when you see cat this weekend, give her a smile from me. up to you however you want to make it.

you are awesome.


Anonymous said...

yes, Everyone can be an EWC fan(and that's great), but those with an exceptional ear for a heart of GOd will also know Jason upton is incredible. he writes music above the typical "worship" lyrics, but it feels God is speaking directly to him. yeah. i sent your care package out yesterday... crap i hope you can get someone to the post office on the 11th. it SHOULD get there by then. adios sista.


Anonymous said...

one more thing,

one of the original EWC fans was Carrie, now she's into Jason Upton. What does that tell you? It takes rare people with great music taste... and you're the next one. Jason Upton will shine soon.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Jason Upton... wife had the pleasure of meeting him when he was in Chico some years back. We've got one of his albums. Out of curiosity, what's EWC?