Saturday, April 09, 2005

DTS 2004 Canonized

My favorite memories of DTS 04.

I wrote this sometime during OR last year, not in any particular order of timeline or favoritism.

  • The night I gave my testimonies on how God led me to YWAM HK where almost all my newly met dtschoolmates gathered around me in Judah House. Rose (then Starla) got so excited that she stopped me halfway and had me retell because she wanted to tape it on her recorder.
  • The whole knitting fever.
  • Being called 'angelito' by Faby. It changed to 'Gatito' right before OR.
  • First meeting with Brandon (he's really polite), William (he talks too much and too loud), and Carrie (she is so beautiful but doesnt really want to talk).
  • I almost couldnt believe Carrie (calls herself Chuck) shaved her head.
  • When Caryl told Tim that I was her favorite student, not Nick. But of course she didnt mean it. Was fun seeing her trying to cover up the obvious.
  • The first King & I experience. washing dishes for hours in the cold rain.
  • The night So Young, Faby, Godwin, Kevin and I ate hot pot together in Yuen Long. I busted my lungs laughing at Godwin's funny stories, told by Faby.
  • Preparing breakfast with William and how he always woke up late. The day he made scrambled eggs with me and I ended up burning them in the oven while trying to keep them warm. I laughed so hard that I almost passed out.
  • Hanging out in Judah's kitchen listening to political discussion between Rahel, Carrie, and Nicky (about Bush).
  • Our first holy communion together following the announcemnt that Sara and Tiffany had to leave the school.
  • Playing pick scrabble with Kevin, Liz and Kristy. This is what Liz had FAG, FAT, and ZIT. and Kevin said 'wow Liz, you have a positive thing going on there'.
  • Playing UNO with the same troop with me consistently being the loser.
  • All the silly conversations Nicky and I had in our room.
  • Presenting a skit about different occupations (addict's anonymous was the theme) in the mandarin class.
  • When Caryl prayed over me and got the word to let go of the past because the future is greater and better than what could ever imagined during a worship session. Faby was leading worship with her favorite song 'where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom'.
  • The time when Faby and I made fake passports for Kevin and how we almost died laughing.
  • The time when Faby,Kevin, and I jammed in Jericho and our conversation on sweet and sour moskitos.
  • When William came over to play monopoly with Catherine, she had to pray for the protection over their relationship before they started the game.
  • Everytime Faby and I laughed. Each time I did that, I lost a pound of weight.
  • Liz's gaze of doom.
  • Watching Nancy dance.
  • Whenever Will prayed in public.
Favorite OR memories
  • The little sidetrip with Rose(then still Starla) and Brandon to get extra pages on their passports and that Rose found her Skippy peanut butter, I found my obsessed Uniball Vision Elite blueblack pen and Brandon had coffee at Starbucks. I found out that Brandon's dad and Jim worked together at Goodyear Lincoln over icecream at Haagendaz.
  • Shopping with Rose in the alleys. Shopping with Rose anywhere.
  • Will with his passion on $1 icecream bars and wahaha water at the corner shop by the university's entrance.
  • Being called Miss Malaysia 2004.
  • I was taking a nap one afternoon where the team were up in the mountains, then woke up hearing Carrie singing Psalm 121 to God on behalf of the villagers. This memory touched my heart forever. It became a permanent inspiration. Thanks Chuck.
  • The 2 weeks when the team had team pets, Howard and Xiao Ya. How Carrie parented the ducklings...i.e. sang Christmas carols to put them to sleep, let them swam in the bathtub, cleaned their crap etc. The whole conversation featuring Will's (then XiaoKai) and Rose's attempts to convince Carrie to get rid of the ducklings and how to do it. I, who was the only other person in the hotel room listened attentively at the same time minding my own business.
  • The time Anna Jane, Brandon, Will and I broke curfew. We chatted in the living room of our apartment until past 2am, about everything including politics.
  • The monopoly marathon at the same apartment and Catherine's losing streak (because I never played).
  • Political talks between Will and Rose at the same apartment.
  • Will's 'note to self' habit.
  • The time when Catherine (then Cat), Brandon, Carrie, and James started to read out from a mormon book which Cat had borrowed from James's mom..something about women.
  • The time we had to pack and leave a city on one hour's notice, had to celebrate Will's blessing day on the train.
  • The time when all the girls got to stay in one big room with 6 bunked beds. When Cat had to take a poll on everyone to choose either Vanilla or Chocolate but those are not options for icecream flavors. The fact we couldn't decide what temperature to set for our AC because half of us love coldness and the other half cannot stand it.
  • Our last team time together where we played with the chairs and buzzers.
  • Will ran out of money at the end of OR and asked me if I could buy him water. So cute!!
  • The big reunion at Sheung Shui's McDonald's.
  • The Graduation and Love Feast. The staff forgot to print Kristy's certificate.
  • Conversation with Will on 601 about the possibility of me joining staff.
  • The MTR ride when Adeline read Rahel's quotes she recorded during OR.
  • Plotted with Rose to give Caryl a mysterious National Caryl's Day. Support Your Local Caryl, Give Her a Hug!
  • Spent 7 hours in Yuen Long with Nancy.
  • Right before Nancy left, she gave me one of her pants that she just wore. She said 'there's some period stains on them, and they are still fresh'!!!


Anonymous said...

I feel so important (sniff, from a cold) i actually read the whole thing. SUCH a beautiful thing angeline. you're inspiring me to make one. I want to steal this and print it out and put it in my journal. i think i'm going to do that. Keep up the good work.

- william

Anonymous said...

I love your entry. It made my heart smile. I miss ywam and hong kong and dts soooo much.

Anonymous said...

i have crappy phone cards. WAHH WAHH!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you wrote some of those things out. Like your last one about Nancy. You think you're funny but your snot!

Anonymous said...

Angeline!!! Thank you for posting on my xanga cuz I didnt know you had this blog! I just read through these things and I laughed until I cried... WHenever I look at 'chocolate' and 'vanilla' I THINK ABOUT YOU.

I want to come visit. I do. Seriously. I pray that God will call me back into missions... Right now I think he has things for me here. I am a supervisor at Starbucks and am learning TONS about leadership and leading... maybe lessons I have to learn before I go back? Being in charge of people twice my age can be difficult, and I really have to learn how to adapt to other peoples learning styles and how to make things flow well.

I miss you. I miss you. AUGH! I miss everyone there and I miss HK. I am praying about doing COR. My boss will let me take the time off, but I need to have the money and the "go ahead" from God. I even have set up my classes so I should be able to take that time off... pray for me about that, that I can come. If I come I also wanna go into CHina fora few days. My little sister would be coming with me, too (she'll be 15) so you should come with us. We'll go to N****G or Y**NG S**O, k?

I love you. Tonight, BTW ... is Strawberries and Cream.