Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Reality of Life

There's this beautiful thing called sex. With that comes along issues like pregnancies, and parenthood. Putting marriage and sex and pregnancy together, I, the bethrothed have now to be concerned about birth control because I want to be the only baby for the first year at least.

Most of my research resulted in 4 distinct methods.
First, the natural method which I personally find more appealing than others. Basically it involves thermometer reading. If my body temperature rises, it means I am ovulating. So, that means avoid sex during those days. If there's a thermometer that not only read temperature but can give an instant advice such as 'today is your unlucky day', I might consider getting one. Natural method is very much a hassle because I have to take temperature and kinda monitor my body temperature everyday to chart a trend. Yawn.

Then, there's this hormonal method (the pills, patches, injections etc). Pills are common. I even heard there's a male pill. Besides the side effects, the thought of 'lowering the sperm count to zero' feels wrong and murderous, just like the thought of using spermicide. I just feel wrong to kill.

Then, there's this barrier method (condoms, diaphrams etc). Condoms are common. I even heard there's a female condom. But because, it is not part of our bodies. Involving that is like involving a third party. So, that feels wrong too.

Then, there's sterilization, the permanent method. Of course this is not an option now.

Considering the fact that the chances of me getting pregnant is only high for about 2 weeks in a month, and considering the general frequency of sex is only like once a week, someone should just tell me birth control is no big deal. Chances are I will not get pregnant without birth control that easily.

But of course, nobody is willing to give me such an advice.


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