Friday, February 10, 2006

About a cat and a dog

This happened this afternoon while I was waiting to catch a bus to Yuen Long to get a bus to the airport to pick up Kah Kheng.

About 4:30pm. I was waiting under the tree by the lapsap. There was a dog laying outside the gate staring at me. I couldnt pick up whether that was a friendly or a hostile stare as I dont read dogs very well. I tried not to keep much eye contact with it because I didnt want it to suddenly come attack me.

Then came along a cat which I supposed just woke up from a nap. It sat just beside the dog. They seemed to get along. As a cat lover, I started to 'talk' the cat into coming near me, but I guess I didnt have the right cat accent. It totally ignored me.

After meowing several times, the dog got up and started to come towards me. Whether it thought I was calling for it, or it was just being sensitive and sorry for me for getting rejected by the cat. So I ended up petting doggy instead of kitty.

Cats are arrogant and selfish. But one who loves cats knows unconditional love.


Jo said...

Yes, cats are arrogant, superior and selfish. My cat's a prime example of that.

Anonymous said...

oh crap. hilarious. i appreciate little things like this. it's stories like this that make me miss HK soooo much. i want to go back now.