Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let me brag...

This weekend...let me tell you, it is quite an honor to be asked by a man like Kah Kheng to be his wife. It happened in Faby's living room (Faby you are blessed), no flowers, champagne nor candles nor a life violinist, but a few pairs of my semidry bluestar socks laying around the armrest of the couch as witnesses. He got down on his knees and asked the important question with all sincerity. I tried quite hard not to laugh because I knew that moment was sacred and thank God, I didnt spoil it.

The rock is quite impressive. Well, it is 0.21Ct, Round Hearts & Arrows, colorless E, VS1 clarity, sitting on a 4-prong solitaire platinum ring setting for the detailholics.
He, whose heart is more precious and beautiful than the rock he got, did way much better than I expected. He is my real treasure.

You see, both Gena (my Dts student) and I are shy. I knew that both her and Bethany (her roomate) must have heard the news but they must have been too shy to ask if they could look at it. I was shy to show it off to them. So, I said nothing. Then this morning, I saw Gena discreetly took a look on it.
So cute!


Anonymous said...

GOLLY angeline, first you lay a humorous lighthearted story of cats and dogs (i'm a dog) on me, then you lay the heavy stuff. this is too much angeline. TOO much.

- william just wet himself.

p.s. congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hey Congratultions....maybe the anointing will stay in my living room....maybe I am next...or Soyoung??? ^^ We will see!!
Felicidades gato!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations with all of my love.
you are more amazing and mean more to me than you know.
If I was in HK with you right now I would be giving you a big hug with honest tears of joy running down my face.
I love you.