Sunday, September 24, 2006

Part 4 - The Guilt

On April 2nd, CC returned. Those who were 'watching' this drama, began to speculate. It looked like KK didnt have such upperhand anymore. What would Angeline do then? It would be interesting to see my responses and decisions.

It was only a month away from my own graduation. CC said, we should just get a marriage license. Being his spouse, I would be able to get lots of benefits from his employment, especially with insurance policies. He got a job and was very confident to promise me a good life. I, on the other hand, contemplated. I did not agree nor disagree.

KK had lost his hopes since the news of CC returning was broken to him. But to me, the return of CC didnt change anything. I had already rejected KK, I wasnt excited to "marry" CC. I wanted to get out of the relationship, but it was getting more complicated. It would definitely looked like I did it because I wanted to be with KK. There was no way to explain myself.

I kept things cool between CC, and KK, until graduation came. CC came to Lincoln to attend my graduation and met with my parents. Being a hardcore agnostic, he would not open himself to Christianity. He and my parents had a bitter argument about love and religion. I felt sorry for him but at the same time proud that he stood on his ground.

Privately, my mother warned me that I should not agree to marry him unless he was willing to be a Christian. In my own mind, I thought, what does she know? She warned me about KK as well. Even though KK is a Christian, but I should not start a relationship with him either. Again I thought, what does she know?

I gave CC a long phone call. Basically I told him what my mom said. He cried. I didnt know what to do.

The next day, I gave him another call. I told him, things would not work out between us. He asked me, why. I said, I like KK even though Ive decided not to have a relationship with him. He replied, he doesnt care, there's still no need to break up. Ive graduated and I can leave Lincoln and everything else behind to be with him. Then I said, I am going to Arkansas with KK first, attending his sister's graduation. He said, that's fine with him too. He will wait.

Then, I finally realized something. There was no way CC would release me. He wouldnt do so 6 months ago, what made me think he would then. He was at a much better place, and could give much better offer. He was there with a promising career, an upperhand. There was no reason I should chose KK over him at that point. And I besides all that, could not find a single flaw with his character that deserves a dump.

There I decided to give in to KK's pursuit, to everyone's shock again. They were so sure I would choose CC.

KK and I went to Arkansas together as an involved couple. It was a relief to me, being able to freely express all the affections I had been holding for him for so long. But, at the same time, I was overwhelmed with guilt over my betrayal of CC. Countless times I was in KK's embrace crying profusely over my breakup with CC.

I broke the news to CC, who then wouldnt even get angry at me. My guilt grew heavier and heavier. Because of that guilt, I allowed CC to remain a friend. I allowed him to visit me every weekend (even though he never did the whole time he was back in Ne before we broke up).

Because of that guilt, my emotions and mind went beserk. I compared KK with CC all the time. Because of guilt, I could only see the good side of CC and I compared them with KK's weaknesses. Many times, KK and I blew up at each other. These were all new to me. CC and I hardly had any conflicts, not to say a blowup. There were dramatic demonstrations of anger that I'd only seen in the soap operas.

I did lots of hurtful things to KK, like insiting on meeting up with CC and even staying a night at CC's apartment when I was on my way to Chicago for a conference and flying through Omaha. I even brought CC to TGAN's fall camp one time. I told KK, CC and I were just friends, just like I was friends with him while I was still in a relationship with CC, and that he should not stop me from being his friends. Afterall, I had selfishly broken off the relationship with him and I felt the need to compensate him with something.

KK and I went in and out of relationships several times over that summer and fall. By winter, we decided that we had had it. We needed to take a longer time off from each other, processing through the events of that year.

1999 winter break, KK went home for holidays. It was just a year from winter 1998. So many things had changed and were changing. Whatever happened during that winter break, likewise, changed me, and the dynamics of our relationship.


Anonymous said...

Golly, the drama of little Angeline's life.

Angeline, I wonder if you have Anna's (from Australia) email address or phone number or some way I could get in touch with her?

I am spending this winter in Australia and want to touch base with her before I leave.

Hope you can help!

Send me an email if you have any of her contact info.

Anonymous said...

Wah, so much drama... could be a movie script.. hehe

Tina said...

hey, it just accured to me! my address is on the invitation i sent anna and the base!! it was GREAT to speak with you today, i miss you sweetie!!! am really impressed with what it took to share all that you have shared here.