Thursday, June 08, 2006

Reentry to HK

It started to make sense why I feel unangeline these days. My mood has been unstable since I got back from OR and I was not sure why I am this way. While I was sitting here talking to Faby, the light bulb came up. Re entry is rough and it does affect unemotional people sometimes.

Here is a collection of oracles that came up during OR.

1. Have a heart for the lost, not just a desire to be involved in missions. What is your real motive, Angeline? (CS)

2. One who denies god, denies his own humanity. (KM)

3. One who put his faith in science and its discoveries will never discover his purpose in life. (KM)

4. Build a relationship with an unbelieving friend, get to know the person enough that you can envision what kind of believer the person would be. (KM)

5. It is beneficial, even crucial that a new believer should own a good study bible. (KM)

6. Compare to eternal life which is the absolute reality, the difference in age in our present life is negligible. In the light of eternity, we are all considered infants. (LZ)

都是你 词,曲, 唱:王光良



我的钢琴 弹奏的都是你


kk, 你可知道啊,我是没有一天不想你。 可是想着的都是开心的事情!


Anonymous said...

Angeline. i log on for your return home entry and once again, it is profound. magical (not the witchcraft kind, but rather the stuff disney is made of.)

- xiaokai

Anonymous said...

oh wait. that is the occult.

Cate said...

I'm glad to have you back, sweetcheeks.

Anonymous said...

Where is the number =)??

- Zoe